Up to 6.4 Gbit/s recording speed.
高达6.4 Gbit / s的录制速度。
Removable data storages with up to 16 TB gross storage capacity.
可拆卸数据存储,总存储容量高达16 TB。

Continuous or triggered recording of camera, radar and laser raw data as well as data of all automotive standard buses. Seamless and uncompressed.
Special situations can be marked with markers during data recording.
连续或触发记录摄像机,雷达和激光原始数据以及所有汽车标准总线的数据。 无缝和无压缩。在数据记录期间,可以使用标记标记特殊情况。
Robust,Reliable use in prototypes and test vehicles. Modular with up to five capture units. Adaptable to future applications.
强大的, 可靠地用于快速原型和测试车辆。 模块化,最多五个捕获单元。 适应未来的应用。

 Basic System Recording Interfaces 基础系统记录接口:

  • 4x Gbit Ethernet, RJ45 switch
  • 10x CAN (HS)
  • 4x switchable to CAN-FD
  • 1x switchable to CAN (LS)
  • 2x FlexRay
  • 4x LIN
  • 5x RS232
  • 4x Digital I/O
  • 6x Analog In

Capture Units (CU) 采集单元

5 slots for the following optional plug-in capture unites are available 有5 个插槽可用于下面可选的插入式采集单元

  • CU ETH-1G
    • 4x Gbit Ethernet, RJ45 switchCaptureModule2
    • 5x 2 Single-PHY passive sniffer pairs, constant latency (1.4 μs)
    • 1x optional switch to MAC with TCP/IP Stack, full duplex, DLT, Some/IP
  • CU CFR
    • 8x CAN (HS) 1x switchable to CAN (LS)
    • 2x FlexRay
    • 5x RS232
    • CU LVDS-926
    • CU LVDS-934
    • CU LVDS-2934
    • other deserializers on request

Removable data storage module 可拆卸式数据存储模块Storage

Model型号   Capacities容量
S2000-I       2 TB
S4000-I       4 TB
S8000-I       8 TB
S16000-I    16 TB