100Base-T1 SPY

能捕获6路100BASE-T1,以及其它总线如CAN / CAN-FD,LIN和FlexRay

The 100BASE-T1 SPY 12 port is a highly specialized test and evaluation tool for seamless capture of multiple in-vehicle-network technologies. It provides common timestamping of all incoming messages and delivers the traffic via Standard Gigabit Ethernet.
100BASE-T1 SPY 12 port是一种高度专业化的测试和评估工具,用于无缝捕获多种车载网络技术。 它提供所有传入消息的共同时间戳,并通过标准千兆以太网传送报文。

Its 12 x 100BASE-T1 ports enable the capture of AVB/TSN traffic, since the latency is symmetrical and deterministic.
其12 x 100BASE-T1端口可捕获AVB / TSN流量,因为延迟是对称且确定的。

Several devices can be synchronized with each other using RJ-45 cables via an internal 802.1AS implementation if more interfaces are needed.

Optionally other Use Cases as Frame Generator, Fault Injection, Data Manipulation, Trigger Generator can be upgraded.

  • 12 x 100Base-T1 Ports Fullduplex
  •  5 x CAN / CAN-FD
  •  1 x LIN
  •  1 x FlexRay
  •  4 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports for Logging data output
  •  1 x Fast Ethernet Port for status output, configuration and webserver access
Feature 产品特点
  • 1 x SD Card for configuration and storage of trigger events
  • 1 x SMA Trigger
  • Minimal Delay using FPGAs使用FPGA以实现最低的延迟
  • Timestamps with 40 ns resolution.40 ns精度的时间戳
  • Optionally use case upgrades:
  • Frame Generator帧生成器
  • Fault Injection故障注入
  • Data Manipulation数据操作
  • Trigger Generator触发生成器
  • Power Requirement: 12 Volt DC Nominal (7-16 Volt), 10 Watt
  • Stainless steel case,不锈钢外壳
  • Size: 147 x 124 x 26mm
    尺寸: 147 x 124 x 26毫米