100BASE-T1 MediaConverter


The 100BASE-T1 MediaConverter_BCM establishes one direct point-to-point conversion between automotive ECU’s using 100BASE-T1 and any standard Fast Ethernet device with RJ-45 connector.
100BASE-T1 MediaConverter_BCM在使用100BASE-T1的车载ECU和任何带RJ-45连接器的标准快速以太网设备之间实现直接的点对点转换。

No packets are stored or modified. 不存储或修改任何数据包。

First on the market and highest proven reliability.

It uses the Broadcom or NXP Phy.

  • duplex conversion between 100Base-T1 and 100BaseTX100Base-T1和 100Base-Tx的全双工转换
  • Master / Slave configuration主 / 从 配置
  • Configuration DIP switches,DIP配置开关
  • Status LEDs状态灯
  • Massive steel housing金属外壳
  • Automotive MQS connector included (Power, BroadR-Reach)汽车级 Tyco MQS 接插件
  • Standard Ethernet RJ45 connector标准以太网RJ45接口
  • Power requirement: 8 to 16 Volt DC,电源需求:8-16伏直流,
  • Power consumption: 2 Watt功耗:2瓦
  • Size: 92 x 63 x 28 mm 尺寸:92 x 63 x 28 毫米

User Case 使用案例