CM Eth Combo

能捕获2路100Base-T1和1路1000Base-T1的新一代Capture Module

With Ethernet as an in-vehicle-network (IVN) comes the challenge of capturing the traffic of these new technologies: 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1.

The CM Eth Combo provides the necessary ports to capture the traffic from 1 x 1000BASE-T1 line (between two DUTs) and 2 x 100BASE-T1 lines, correspondingly.
CM Eth Combo提供必要的端口,以相应地捕获来自1路1000BASE-T1线路(两个DUT之间)和2路100BASE-T1线路的报文

The traffic is captured without causing interference on the network and delivered with a 40 ns resolution hardware time stamp, thus making the analysis of AVB/TSN traffic possible.
捕获报文不会对网络造成干扰,并提供40 ns分辨率的硬件时间戳,从而可以分析AVB / TSN流量。

Several devices can be used on the same setup, whenever more T1 ports are needed, and when other IVN technologies are present, the inbuilt-synchronization using 802.1AS allows for simultaneous use with the other “IVN2Eth Capture Modules”.

Many additional features make this device appropriate for general-purpose testing.

  • 1 Link Line 1000BASE-T1 (2 Ports)
  • 2 Link Line 100BASE-T1 (4 Ports)
  • PLP Protocol (time stamp, ...) PLP协议
  • Configure easily via webserver通过网络服务器配置
  • Network Time Synchronization (802.1AS)– allows to synchronize multiple CAN Combos or any other “Capture Module”
  • Cascading and synchronization of multiple devices级联和同步多个设备
  • Source Timestamping with 40 ns resolution,40ns精度的时间戳
  • High Speed Startup高速启动
  • Startup Buffer启动缓存
  • Output Traffic Shaping 输出流量整型
  • Rotary Switch for manual configuration of the device’s IP-Addresses (Gbit – RJ-45)用于人工设置设备的IP地址的的圆形开关
  • Wakeup capable 可以唤醒
  • Extended Power Mode for Car integration 扩展的功率模式用于车辆集成
  • Robust stainless-steel case 坚固的不锈钢外壳
  • Size: 129 x 120 (134) x 32 mm