100Base-T1 MediaConverter EMC



100BASE-T1 MEDIACONVERTER_EMC SET from Technica Engineering is the first commercial tool for EMC validation of 100BASE-T1 ECU’s. It works in a pair-set, converting 100BASE-T1 (a.k.a BroadR-Reach (TM from Broadcom)) to optical fiber and back to 100BASE-T1 and is specially designed to emit below the industry’s EMI standard requirements.
Technica Engineering的100BASE-T1 MEDIACONVERTER_EMC SET是第一款用于100BASE-T1 ECU的电磁兼容验证的工具。它采用成对设备,将100BASE-T1(也称为 BroadR-Reach(Broadcom的TM))转换为光纤并返回100BASE-T1,专门设计使其本身EMI低于行业标准要求。

No packages are stored or modified in the device. The process is a pure physical layer conversion.
设备不存储或修改任何报文。 该过程是纯物理层转换。

100BASE-T1 MEDIACONVERTER_EMC SET is the ideal solution for working quickly and efficiently with the new 100BASE-T1 technology.
100BASE-T1 MEDIACONVERTER_EMC SET是使用新型100BASE-T1技术快速有效工作的理想解决方案。

Features 产品特点
  • Converts 100BASE-T1 100 MBit/s full duplex to optical fiber and back to 100BASE-T1
    100Base-T1全双工转换到光纤再转回 100Base-T1
  • Master/slave configuration主 / 从 配置
  • Configuration DIP switches DIP配置开关
  • Status LEDs状态灯
  • Stainless steel housing不锈钢外壳
  • Automotive MQS connector included (Power, 100BASE-T1)
    汽车级 Tyco MQS 接插件
  • Optical Fibre via SFP modules
  • Power supply: 10 to 13 Vold DC (nominal 12 Volt DC),
  • power consumption: 3 Watt
    功率:3 Watt
  • Size: 92 x 63 x 30mm
    尺寸:92 x 63 x 30 毫米