CM 1000 HIGH

能捕获6路1000Base-T1的新一代Capture Module

The future brings connected and self-driving cars, for which an unprecedented amount of data is required. One technology soon to hit the road that addresses this challenge is Automotive Gigabit Ethernet.
互联和自动驾驶是汽车的未来,需要前所未有的大量数据。 很快就能应对这一挑战的一项技术是汽车千兆以太网。

With 12 ports, up-to 6 point-to-point 1000BASE-T1 connections can be captured with the Capture Module 1000 High. Using 40 ns resolution hardware time stamp and highly deterministic latency times, AVB/TSN traffic remains synchronized and can be accurately analyzed. For the high amount of data, both Standard Gigabit Ethernet, as well as SFP+ interfaces provide enough bandwidth for the uplink
通过12个端口,Capture Module 1000 High可以捕获最多6个点对点1000BASE-T1连接。 使用40 ns分辨率硬件时间戳和高确定性延迟时间,AVB / TSN报文保持同步并且可以准确分析。 对于大量数据,标准千兆以太网以及SFP +接口都为上行链路提供了足够的带宽

Several devices can be used on the same setup, whenever more 1000BASE-T1 ports are needed, and when other IVN technologies are present, the in-built-synchronization using 802.1AS allows for simultaneous use with the other “IVN2Eth Capture Modules”.

Many additional features make this device appropriate for general-purpose testing.

  • 6 x Link Lines 1000BASE-T1 (12 Ports)
  • PLP Protocol (time stamp, ...) PLP协议
  • Configure easily via webserver通过网络服务器配置
  • Network Time Synchronization (802.1AS)– allows to synchronize multiple CAN Combos or any other “Capture Module”
  • Cascading and synchronization of multiple devices级联和同步多个设备
  • Source Timestamping with 40 ns resolution,40ns精度的时间戳
  • High Speed Startup高速启动
  • Startup Buffer启动缓存
  • Output Traffic Shaping 输出流量整型
  • AVB/TSN Capture capable
  • Time-Aware Injection
  • Rotary Switch for manual configuration of the device’s IP-Addresses (Gbit – RJ-45)用于人工设置设备的IP地址的的圆形开关
  • Wakeup capable 可以唤醒
  • Extended Power Mode for Car integration 扩展的功率模式用于车辆集成
  • Robust stainless-steel case 坚固的不锈钢外壳
  • Size: 129 x 120 (134) x 32 mm