能捕获6路100Base-T1的新一代Capture Module

Automotive Ethernet has conquered the modern E/E vehicle network. The challenges that arise during test and validation include a reliable capture of AVB/TSN traffic, without interfering with the network timing. This challenge gets even bigger, with the need for diagnostics protocols to be sent to the DUTs during run-time.
汽车以太网进入了现代E / E车辆网络。 可靠地捕获AVB / TSN流量,而不干扰网络时序是测试和验证过程中出现的挑战。 这一挑战变得更大,尤其是在需要在运行时发送诊断报文到被测对象。

Technica Engineering’s CM 100 High Capture Module was specifically designed to solve these problems and many more, such as ensuring that it starts-up faster than the DUT’s whose traffic it will capture and that the traffic is delivered with hardware time stamp.
Technica Engineering公司的CM 100 High捕获模块专门用于解决这些问题,例如确保它的启动速度比DUT快,捕获报文打上硬件时间戳。

Several devices can be used on the same setup, whenever more 100BASE-T1 ports are needed, and when other IVN technologies are present, the in-built-synchronization using 802.1AS allows for simultaneous use with the other “IVN2Eth Capture Modules”.

Many additional features make this device appropriate for general-purpose testing.

  • 6 x Link Lines 100BASE-T1 (12 Ports)
  • PLP Protocol (time stamp, ...) PLP协议
  • Configure easily via webserver通过网络服务器配置
  • Network Time Synchronization (802.1AS)– allows to synchronize multiple CAN Combos or any other “Capture Module”
  • Cascading and synchronization of multiple devices级联和同步多个设备
  • Source Timestamping with 40 ns resolution,40ns精度的时间戳
  • High Speed Startup高速启动
  • Startup Buffer启动缓存
  • Output Traffic Shaping 输出流量整型
  • AVB/TSN Capture capable
  • Time-Aware Injection
  • Rotary Switch for manual configuration of the device’s IP-Addresses (Gbit – RJ-45)用于人工设置设备的IP地址的的圆形开关
  • Wakeup capable 可以唤醒
  • Extended Power Mode for Car integration 扩展的功率模式用于车辆集成
  • Robust stainless-steel case 坚固的不锈钢外壳
  • Size: 129 x 120 (134) x 32 mm