ViGEM CCA Family

The CCA records the data stream in the communications network of a vehicle and processes this data, e.g. by saving it onto a removable data storage and, if desired, by streaming it to a connected PC.


What is CCA used for?

  • In automotive development applications, the data rates definitely continue to rise: 在汽车开发应用中,数据速率肯定会继续上升:
  • Collecting traffic scenarios 收集交通场景
  • For the verification and validation of camera-, radar- and laser-based driver assistance systems 用于验证和确认基于摄像头,雷达和激光的驾驶员辅助系统
  • For autonomous driving qualification 对于自主驾驶资格
  • Qualification of infotainment and multimedia application 信息娱乐和多媒体应用的资格
  • Streaming camera data to an external measuring machine in the car 将相机数据流式传输到车内的外部测量机
  • For recording the raw sensor data of the entire vehicle. 用于记录整个车辆的原始传感器数据。
  • Validation and verification by analyzing sensor raw data 通过分析传感器原始数据进行验证和验证
  • For the detailed analysis of internal control device states 用于内部控制设备状态的详细分析
  • Verification of the controller communication in the vehicle network 验证车辆网络中的控制器通信
  • Complete vehicle testing 完整的车辆测试

These applications require high-performance testing tools … and exactly for that ViGEM has developed its high-end Car Communication Analyzer (CCA).


What’s the benefit of CCA?

  • ViGEM CCA systems offer various benefits for testing and verification of automotive developments, especially when recording of high data rates from multiple sources is required: ViGEM CCA系统为测试和验证汽车开发提供各种优势,特别是在需要记录多个来源的高数据速率时:
  • The CCA 9003 is a compact, modular all-in-one data logger with an innovative data handling concept. CCA 9003是一款紧凑型模块化一体化数据记录仪,具有创新的数据处理概念。
  • Standard automotive buses and Ethernet (Gbit / OABR) can be recorded with continuous data rates of up to 4-6.4 Gbit/s. 标准汽车总线和以太网(Gbit / OABR)可以以高达4或者6.4 Gbit / s的连续数据速率进行记录。
  • Type and number of recording interfaces are modular configurable. Up to five capture units can be additionally integrated to expand the functionality of the CCA to the very specific project needs. 记录接口的类型和数量是模块化配置的。 最多可以集成五个捕获单元,以将CCA的功能扩展到特定的项目需求
  • All incoming data receive a synchronous time stamp with 100 ns resolution. 所有输入数据都接收100 ns分辨率的同步时间戳。
  • Cascade two or more CCA systems to record data rates higher than 6.4 Gbit/s, still having a synchronous timestamp for all recording interfaces. 级联两个或更多CCA系统以记录高于6.4 Gbit / s的数据速率,仍然具有所有记录接口的同步时间戳。
  • The data is saved in PCAP, VPCAP-, ADTF DAT-, or MDF4-format. 数据以PCAP,VPCAP-,ADTF DAT-或MDF4格式保存。
  • The recorded data is written to a removable data storage with up to 16 TB storage capacity. 记录的数据被写入可移动数据存储,存储容量高达16 TB。
  • Ease-of-use 使用方便

CCA 9002/9003 Basic System基础系统

Recording Interfaces 记录接口:

  • 4x Gbit Ethernet, RJ45 switch
  • 10x CAN (HS)
  • 4x switchable to CAN-FD
  • 1x switchable to CAN (LS)
  • 2x FlexRay
  • 4x LIN
  • 5x RS232
  • 4x Digital I/O
  • 6x Analog In

Capture Units (CU) 采集单元

    The CCA 9002 / CCA 9003  has 5 slots for the following optional plug-in capture unites The CCA 9002 / CCA 9003  有5 个插槽可用于下面可选的插入式采集单元
  • CU ETH-1G
    • 4x Gbit Ethernet, RJ45 switch
    • 5x 2 Single-PHY passive sniffer pairs, constant latency (1.4 μs)
    • 1x optional switch to MAC with TCP/IP Stack, full duplex, DLT, Some/IP
  • CU CFR
    • 8x CAN (HS) 1x switchable to CAN (LS)
    • 2x FlexRay
    • 5x RS232
    • CU LVDS-926
    • CU LVDS-934
    • CU LVDS-2934
    • other deserializers on request

Removable data storage module 可拆卸式数据存储模块

    Model型号 Capacities容量

  • S2000-I       2 TB
  • S4000-I       4 TB
  • S8000-I       8 TB
  • S16000-I     16 TB

Copy Station-CS1-10G+ 

  • Interface for data import数据导入接口:
    • 1 x CCA removable data storage bay
  • Interfaces for data export数据导出接口:
    • 1 x 1 Gbit Ethernet RJ-45
    • 1 x 10 Gbit Ethernet RJ-45
    • 4 x USB 3.0 Host
  • Copy data to external storage拷贝数据到外部存储 :
    • 1x USB 3.0 drive → 120 MB/s maximum data transfer rate
    • 4x USB 3.0 drives simultaneously → 4 x ca. 100 MB/s maximum data transfer rate
    • Providing data as network drive (NAS functionality) → 700 MB/s maximum transfer rate
  • Configuration配置方式:
    • via web interface or display
  • Operation操作方式:
    • stand alone by control elements and 4-line display or web browser