Payload [variable size]

  • In the payload field the parameters are carried.
    Parameter被携带于Payload字段中 。
  • The size of the SOME/IP payload field depends on the transport protocol used. With UDP the SOME/IP payload shall be between 0 and 1400 Bytes. The limitation to 1400 Bytes is needed in order to allow for future changes to protocol stack (e.g. changing to IPv6 or adding security means). Since TCP supports segmentation of payloads, larger sizes are automatically supported.
    SOME / IP payload字段的大小取决于使用的传输协议。 对于UDP,SOME / IP有效载荷应该在0到1400字节之间。限制为1400字节是为了允许将来对协议栈进行更改(例如更改为IPv6或添加安全机制)。 由于TCP支持有效载荷的分段,所以自动支持更大的尺寸。