IPv4/IPv6 Multicast Option

  • The IPv4 Multicast Option or IPv6 Multicast Option are used by the server to announce the IPv4 or IPv6 multicast address, the transport layer protocol (ISO/OSI layer 4), and the port number the multicast events and multicast notification events are sent to.
    服务器使用IPv4 Multicast Option或者IPv6 Multicast Option来分别通知IPv4或IPv6多播地址,传输层协议(ISO / OSI第4层)和端口号,用来作为发送多播Event和多播notification event的目的地址。
  • As transport layer protocol, only UDP is supported.
  • IPv4 Multicast Options shall be only referenced by SubscribeAck entries, describing the multicast destination IP address and port multicast events shall be sent to.
    IPv4 Multicast Options只能由SubscribeAck entry引用,描述发送多播Event的目的地IP地址和端口。
  • The Port Number field [16 bits] of the IPv4 Multicast Option Options shall carry the port number for transporting Multicast Events of the Eventgroup.
    IPv4 Multicast Option的Port Number字段[16位]应携带用于传输Eventgroup的多播Event的端口号。
  • The same rules apply for IPv6 SD Endpoint Option.