IPv4/IPv6 Endpoint Option

  • IPv4 or IPv6 Endpoint Option transports IP Address, Layer 4 Protocols (e.g. UDP or TCP), and Port Number.
    IPv4 Endpoint Option或IPv6 Endpoint Option 用来传输IP地址,第4层协议(例如UDP或TCP)和端口号。
  • When receiving a Service Discovery message offering a service and transporting an IPv4 Endpoint Option or IPv6 Endpoint Option, ECUs receiving this message can dynamically configure the Socket Adaptor for using this service by updating a Socket Connection.
    当ECU收到的Service Discovery message是offer服务并发送了IPv4 Endpoint Option或 IPv6 Endpoint Option时,则该ECU可以通过更新Socket连接来使用这个服务。
  • Every OfferService entry shall reference up to two IPv4 or Endpoint Options (up to one for UDP and up to one for TCP) that describe endpoint(s) (IP and Port) the server accepts methods on and sends events from for this service instance.
    每个OfferService entry最多应引用两个IPv4端点选项(最多一个用于UDP,最多一个用于TCP),用于描述服务器端为这个服务实例接受Method和发送Event的端点(IP和端口) 。
  • Different service instances of the same service on the same ECU shall use different endpoints, so that they can differentiated by the endpoints. Different services may share the same endpoints.
    同一ECU上相同service的不同service instance应使用不同的endpoint,以便endpoint能区分它们。不同的service可能共享相同的endpoint。
  • Every SubscribeEventgroup entry shall reference up to two IPv4 Endpoint Options (up to one for UDP and up to one for TCP) that describe(s) the endpoints (IP and Port) the client wishes to receive events. The client shall use these endpoints for sending methods as well.
  • IPv6 Endpoint Option, which is the same as the IPv4 Endpoint Option except that it transport IPv6 Addresses instead IPv4 Addresses.