SubscribeEventgroupAck entry

  • To acknowledge a SubscribeEventgroup entry, the SubscribeEventgroupAck entry shall be used and shall be used with the values as in the SubscribeEventgroup entry it answers.
    要确认SubscribeEventgroup entry,应使用SubscribeEventgroupAck entry,并应与其回复的SubscribeEventgroup entry中的值一致。
  • Service ID, Instance ID, Major Version, Eventgroup ID, TTL, Counter, and Reserved shall be the same value as in the Subscribe that is being answered.
  • A SubscribeEventgroupAck entry shall set the TTL field to the value of the SubscribeEventgroup entry, it acknowledges.
    SubscribeEventgroupAck entry应将TTL字段设置为它确认的SubscribeEventgroup entry的值。
  • SubscribeEventgroupAck entries referencing events and notification events that are transported via multicast shall reference an IPv4 Multicast Option and/or and IPv6 Multicast Option. The Multicast Options state to which Multicast address and port the events and notification events will be sent to.
    针对通过multicast传输的events和notification events的SubscribeEventgroupAck entry应引用IPv4 Multicast Option和/或IPv6 Multicast Option 。Multicast Option表明notification event将会发送到哪个Multicast地址和port口。