Entries Array

  • When SOME/IP-SD find or offers Service Instances or handles subscriptions this is done by so called entries, which are transported in the entry array of the SOME/IP-SD message.
    当SOME / IP-SD寻找或提供服务实例或处理订阅时,这由所谓的entry完成,entry在SOME / IP-SD 报文的entry数组中传输。

Length of Entries Array

  • The length of the first field of the Entries Array shall be 32 bits.
    Entries Array的第一个字段的长度应为32位。
  • The first field of the Entries Array shall carry the amount of bytes of the Entries Array (excluding this 32 bit field carrying the length information).
    Entries Array的第一个字段应携带Entries Array的字节数量(不包括携带长度信息的32位字段)。