IOPT-Golden Device

Golden Device

Technica Engineering Golden devices specification
Technica Engineering Golden devices规格参数

Technica Engineering Golden devices provides 4x 100Base-T1 ports  and a  processors, and additional Trigger outputs used to control externally circuitry.
Technica Engineering Golden Device含有4个100Base-T1端口和一个处理器,以及额外的用来控制外部电路的触发输出

Processor can access to the registers of the BR Switch
处理器可以进入BR switch的寄存器

Processor has a fast ethernet interface through RJ45 connector used as control interface to start diagnostics and recollect results

Technica Engineering Golden device has available 2 Triger I/O to control external circuitry (For example relay)
Technica Engineering Golden device有2个 触发I/O 以控制外部电路(比如继电器)


The Tool allows the configuration and start of the following tests:

  1. Measure Link Up Time reseting the own PHY of the Golden Device
    测量Link Up Time,重置Golden Device自己的PHY
  2. Measure Link Up Time reseting through an external relay the DUT
    测量Link Up Time,重置DUT的外部继电器
  3. Measure Link Up Time controlling through an external relay the DUT Wake Up
    测量Link Up Time,通过DUT唤醒的外部继电器
  4. Provide Signal Quality of the Golden Device
  5. Provide Cable Diagnostics results of the Golden Device
    提供Golden Device的线缆诊断测试结果
  6. 其它TC8相关的IOPT测试