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  • TimeAnalysis™ provided by Time Critical Networks (TCN) is primarily a simulation tool that allows analyzing real-time and bandwidth consuming traffic streams forwarded through switched Ethernet networks, including bridging from CAN and LIN.

    Time Critical Networks(TCN)提供的TimeAnalysis™主要是一种仿真工具,可以分析通过交换式以太网转发的实时和带宽消耗的流量,包括CAN和LIN的桥接。

  • Ethernet is today the dominating network technology in our IT-infrastructure and is on its way to be so in other domains as well. It has long been viewed as a complement to traditional fieldbus technologies in embedded systems, but has now reached a point where it can be used where there are demands to forward both time-sensitive and bandwidth consuming data streams. Model based techniques like virtual network design and simulation are seen as an effective means to quickly examine different trade-offs in an otherwise large design space and to verify that the final design will be robust.

    以太网如今已成为我们IT基础架构中的主导网络技术,并且在其他领域也是如此。 长期以来,它一直被视为嵌入式系统中传统现场总线技术的补充,但现在已经达到了可以在需要转发时间敏感和带宽消耗数据流的地方使用它。 基于模型的技术(如虚拟网络设计和仿真)被视为快速检查大型设计空间中不同权衡的有效手段,并验证最终设计是否可靠。

  • TCN creates software that enables networks to adopt to applications’ needs and requirements, not the other way around.


  • TCN customers can with this unique virtual design software create cost-effective and robust Ethernet networks with latency, jitter and packet delivery guarantees. Benefit from using *Regular/Standard COTS switched Ethernet without compromising on data delivery reliability, and use AVB or TSN if needed.

    TCN客户可以使用这种独特的虚拟设计软件创建具有延迟,抖动和数据包传输保证的经济高效且强大的以太网网络。 使用*常规/标准COTS交换式以太网可以在不影响数据传输可靠性的情况下受益,并在需要时使用AVB或TSN。

  • TCN software solution TCN TimeAnalysis™ for model-based performance simulation and analysis of real-time traffic streams is now open for public Testing,please contact us if needed.

    TCN软件解决方案TCN TimeAnalysis™用于基于模型的性能模拟和实时流量分析现已开放供公众试用,请随时联系我们

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