Ethernet Testing

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Ethernet requires new strategies for their analysis and validation. Based on many years of experience and an extensive system understanding, Technica develops efficient, flexible and reliable testing strategies. In particular, these include development of standard tests for technologies such as Automotive Ethernet and its protocols. Technica creates the test system, the test specification and test cases, Technica defines testing focuses and we develop tailored test systems.

Tailored testing development

Together with our partner ,we develops tailored tests in close cooperation with customers. This ensures a maximum of efficiency and quality. The spectrum comprises the physical layer, network, application and system test levels. TE creates tests in tailored frameworks in Java, C++, Python and other programming environments.
与合作伙伴一道,我们与客户一道紧密合作开发定制测试。这保证最大化效率和质量。这光谱包含物理层,网络层,应用和系统测试层。TE 用Java, C++, Python 和其它编程环境搭建了定制化的测试框架

Test automation

We place great value on automation of test sequences. On the one hand, extensive test automation warrants maximum reliability and reproducibility and, on the other hand, automated test processes save time and are therefore particularly cost-effective.

Component to system testing

The bandwidth of the validation services we offer comprises all test platforms. These include software unit testing, integration testing, component testing (HiL), system testing, black box/white box tests, static and dynamic tests, and also functional and non-functional tests.

Reference case

BMW Body Domain  Controller: 例子:BMW车身域控制器

  • 450 Inputs/Outputs with high current signals 450路输入/输出,带大电流信号
  • 18路 LIN Interfaces 18路LIN接口
  • 12路CAN interfaces 12路CAN接口
  • 2路Flexray Nodes 2路Flexray节点
  • 5路100Base-T1 interfaces 5路100Base-T1接口
  • >90% Test Automation (based on full req. spec.) 大于90%测试自动化实施(基于fullreq.规范)