ADELa-Automotive Database Edit Layout Tool

  • Opens and edits following file formats:可以打开和编辑下面格式的文档:
    • Fibex 4.1.1
    • CAN XML
    • ARXML
  • Exports into user friendly PDF format导出至用户友好的PDF格式
  • Automatic and manual validation of opened file against ASAM rules and linked XSD 自动和手动验证打开的文件是否符合ASAM和链接的XSD(XML Schemas Definition)
    • Modular architecture allows to easily add new XSD and validation rules 模块化架构能够允许方便地增加新的XSD和验证规则
  • Customizable interface定制化界面:
    • Select between “Novice” and “Expert” mode 可以选择“Novice” 和 “Expert”两种模式
    • Changes the fields the user has to fill out, non editable fields are filled with default values 改变用户必须要填充的区域,不可编辑区被填充缺省值
  • Quicker adding of elements based on nested Wizards 基于嵌套的 Wizards快速增加元素
  • File nodes can be edited through properties view or viewed directly as XML code.文件节点可以通过属性视图进行编辑,或者直接通过XML代码进行查看
  • Multiple files can be opened and compared. 可以打开和比较多种文件
  • Easy copy and paste of nodes and contents.节点和内容可方便地进行复制粘贴
  • Customizable tab distribution. 可定制标签页分布
  • ADELa